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Smart wiring Canberra NBN Cabling Canberra

We cable new and existing Homes

With the release of high speed internet (NBN ), the increase of network devices being released into the market and customers reliance of these technology products, it is now common for households to have multiple PC`s, Laptops, Smart TV`s, network enabled gaming machines, media streaming devices and internet enabled phones (VOIP).

To utilise these products to their full potential and future proofing for newer technology you need a high speed data network installed to the latest industry standards.

WIFI still has its place for connecting to I phones, tablets etc but is not sufficient for high speed video streaming and running multiple devices simultaneously.

We can also design and tailor a package to suit your requirements and budget for in house distribution of free to air digital TV, Pay TV & multi room audio to any number of rooms in your house.

We use the latest market leading products from Hills Home Hub, Hager and can custom design solutions to suit your home and lifestyle.

Services we provide

  • Full design and installation services
  • Installation of data and telephone cabling networks
  • Installation of home distribution hubs and patch panels
  • Installation of routers and switches
  • Pre-wiring new homes
  • Installation and connection of cabling for ADSL and NBN
  • Installation of free to air and pay TV cabling
  • Installation of cabling and products for Foxtel and free to air distribution
  • Installation of multi room audio and speaker solutions (indoor & outdoor)
  • Setup of network equipment (amplifiers, Smart TV`s, media storage, Sonos etc)
  • Complete home theatre installations.
  • Electrical installations

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Call Us : 0404 234 427

NBN Cabling Canberra

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Smart Wiring Canberra
Smart wiring / NBN Canberra
NBN Cabling Canberra
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NBN Cabling Canberra
Smart Wiring Canberra

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