Network Cabling

Network Cabling in Canberra

The current industry depends on computers to properly operate. Network Cabling in Canberra provides high-speed downloads and file transfers. Whether you own a new office, or you require to add Network Cabling Connection or land line ports to your existing location, Instant communications has a team of professionals providing the solutions for Network Cabling Canberra businesses of any size or type.

Your home once had one desktop PC, one TV and now it has high speed internet, multiple PCs, TVs, laptops, gaming consoles, printers, music, security cameras and much more .

Network cabling Canberra

Wired Network Cabling Service Canberra

In house distribution of pay TV, DVD and music to all rooms of your house from one central location used to be very expensive and only for the rich, but now as demand has risen, new technology released and the price of hardware & equipment has reduced there are affordable solutions for most homeowners to enjoy.

Cat 5 & Cat 6 Network Cables

Cat 5 & cat 6 cabling networks for PC`s, printers, gaming consoles, internet TV & radio, movie downloads, incorporated with shielded Coaxial cabling for digital TV, Pay TV & DVD multi room distribution.

New or existing homes, we can advise, design and tailor a package to suit your requirements and budget.

Our Network Cabling Canberra Services are:

  • Information center plan and Installation
  • Patch Leads, audio/ visual cables and accessories
  • Network cable upgrades and Renovation
  • Provision, installation and testing of structured cabling
  • Testing and certification to current standards and requirements
  • Network room and cabinet plan and Installation
Network cabling Canberra

Fiber Optic Network - Bring home the power of Optical Fibre

For more details about Network Cabling in Canberra , Call us today. We offer no obligation free quote.

We use Hills hub, Clipsal star serve and our custom designed for smart wiring your home.

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Network cabling Canberra
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Network cabling Canberra
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Network cabling Canberra
Cable network homes Canberra
Network cabling Canberra
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